There’s something magical that lands in my email inbox from time to time.

Something unequivocally soothing, inspiring, and thought-provoking. It’s The Dreaming Room Monologues by Michael Gerber and I have a favorite that I want to share with you.


In his brilliant best-selling book The E-Myth, Michael talks about the importance of delivering a delightful, consistent experience your customers can count on. In his new book, Beyond the E-Myth he takes it even further by suggesting we create a systems-based company that can scale.

We know documenting step-by-step procedures for the tactical work is a huge part of that. But turns out there’s something even bigger that needs to happen first.

First, we need to set standards and clearly define and document who we are as a company. 

It may seem obvious but many busy entrepreneurs completely miss it. We almost did.

Identity Statement

Here at Methodologee, we don’t just nerd-out on software. We love studying how to effectively systemize. We invest loads of time learning what works and then put it into action in our own company.

Thankfully, our learnings led us to a really important question. If a company is only as good as its systems and people, how can we make sure our systems and people effectively represent our standards?

For us that meant creating our Identity Statement, a document that truly defines who we are:

  • Our Strategic Objective
  • Our Dream, Vision, Purpose, Mission
  • Our Values

While these things had casually lived in our minds, my co-founder Nazy and I finally took the time to document them. Bringing them to life and properly poising us for growth.

Take Action

Where are you in your entrepreneurial journey? Have you taken this important step for your business? Is that something you need help with? Get a copy of our Identity Statement that you can use as a template to create your very own. Or check out The Dreaming Room for a major dose of guidance and inspiration!