For most people, the judgment on whether the lighting is good depends on being able to see. For them, the brighter it is, the better. However, the truth is that poor workplace lighting has to do more with just the dim lights. The headaches, sore necks and occasional double vision that you may be suffering from could be a result of the lighting at your workplace, a place where you spend more than half of your day. However, you don’t have to live with squinting your eyes all the time as here are some tips on how to use lighting to make yourself productive and turn things around for the better.

Get Rid of the Overhead Lights

Turn them off as you approach your desk to work. This may not be helpful if you are working manually with a bunch of tools or simply going through some paperwork but if you are already staring at the bright screen of your monitor or laptop, you do not want to suffer from Disability Glare.

Give Yourself More Options

Make sure that the lighting you install has a flexible range of brightness. This way, you don’t need 2 different sources of lighting when you have to review documents and for when you have multiple screens turned on. This saves you from investing in multiple lamps and lights and also helps you save on your electricity bill.

You Are Productive in Natural Light

It is a known fact that most office locations don’t allow for natural light to enter the premises but if you can, try to nab a work spot near the window during the day time. Using natural light can cuts down on eye strain and reduces the risk of other eye and health related issues. Plus, you won’t feel like you need a break every half an hour.

Consider the Latest Technology

Right now, Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are all the rage. Interior designers are using these in flat panel lighting so that it is easier on the eyes and it doesn’t seem like you are at the mercy of a light bulb when you work past sunset. You can always run this idea by your supervisors when they ask for feedback on workplace conditions.

Blue Light Should be a Big No

LED and Fluorescent lights are only good for boosting your mood in the morning and at noon. After that, if we are bombarded with these lights, it only adds to our inability to rest at night or feeling like the light is always striking our eyes. Nobody wants the sides of their eyes to show lines.

In conclusion, lighting is critical. How are you using lighting to make yourself productive?