As I explore all the ways to provide guidance to our small business customers on how they can become more productive, I ran across a fun article about the science of productivity. Gregory Ciotti on shared a cool video from ASAPScience to show how science is used to crack open the potential of our minds!

Here’s one of the big takeaways:

Shockingly, when we look at some of the most elite musicians in the world, we find that they aren’t necessarily practicing more but, instead, more deliberately. This is because they spend more time focused on the hardest task and focus their energy in packets — instead of diluting their energy over the entire day, they have periods of intense work, followed by breaks. Not relying on willpower, they rely on habit and discipline scheduling. Studies have found that the most elite violinists in the world generally follow a 90-minute work regime, with a 15- to 20-minute break afterwards.

What a genius approach…

Another takeaway is that science proves that we’re prone to procrastinate (based on the Zeigarnik Effect). So, if you just start your day by working on a task, chances are you’ll get it done.

Easy enough? Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you!