If you answered “Yes” than you’re at the right place!

As small business owners, my business partner and I have personally experienced the “struggle” of spending exhausting hours creating documents and worksheets and refining our internal processes and procedures, then, going back and trying to find the most updated information to share with our staff and new team members. We understand how much work it entails to update processes, to provide training to staff and to manage the day-to-day operations! We’ve spent the past 2 years creating best practices and procedures for the Branding & Internet Marketing services we provide and with minimal staff, time and resources, it is challenging to constantly carve out time away from running your business and providing support to take care of internal processes.

For these reasons, we feel your pain and see how crucial it is for small business owners to have the right tools in place to manage a small business. Procedures help bring together your business’s vision, mission, and day-to-day operations. They help maintain a cohesive and healthy work lifestyle, uphold structure, and bring operational success. They are toolkits for your business operations without the managerial assistance.

Benefits of having Business Procedures

  1. Empower your team. By providing your team with written guides, you are giving them more freedom within their jobs to make decisions within defined boundaries.
  2. Efficiency. By documenting step-by-step process, you and your staff are able to quickly carry out repeat tasks without using a “trial and error” approach.
  3. Clarity. Clearly written procedures help employees understand individual and group roles and responsibilities.
  4. Less managing. When team members have access to written guides, there is less “micro-management” from managers and more personal ownership and pride from employees.

We hope this helps you think more about the organization of your business’s processes & procedures and encourages you to review and improve them!

What are the tools you are currently using to manage your company’s procedures? Please share them with us here!