This is the best productivity infographic I’ve ever seen. This awesome mind map, by Anna Vital of Funders and Founders, shows 35 habits of the uber productive. I love that she wears the same thing everyday to avoid small decisions—as done by Steve Jobs and other brilliant entrepreneurs. Here are some other favorites:

Notice the 80/20 rule.

Which 20% of your work produces 80% of results? Focus your time on that 20% and put systems or people in place to automate or delegate the rest.

Treat time as your money.

Is the task you’re working on worth your time? If not, can you delegate it or put a new system in place to get it done faster?

Do a bad first draft.

When documenting a process, don’t worry about it being perfect. You can refine it as you go. The important thing is to get a procedure started and get it out of your head.

Mind Map: How to be Productive and Get Things Done

Have you experimented with any of these tips to increase your productivity? Have you seen any other really great productivity mind maps for small business entrepreneurs?