The madness. Entrepreneurs wear many hats. Startups are ever-changing and evolving…new staff, new products, new systems, and new procedures. Most entrepreneurs create procedures as they go with bits and pieces here and there, different formats, and no easy way to use and share them. Well, its time to kiss those days good-bye.

Technology to the rescue. Wouldn’t managing a business (or starting a new business) be easier if there was a simple way to manage your workflow by creating, storing, viewing, and sharing all these procedures? Here’s the Methodologee method:

  • A secure web-based application for creating, organizing, and sharing procedures
  • Create and manage your workflow easily with formatted text (bold, bullets, etc) and integrate visuals…images (photos/screenshots) and video (tutorials, movies)
  • Categorize procedures and use keyword search for easy access
  • Add users and set user permissions
  • Give individual users access to any (or all) company procedures
  • Automatic email notifications when comments are added
  • Print and export capabilities
  • Simple, friendly user interface
  • FREE with option to upgrade when needed

We know procedures are something entrepreneurs struggle with by hearing it from others (we’ve lived it ourselves) and it is time for a new solution.

Reading, writing, and sharing procedures doesn’t have to be painful or costly. We can make it simple and fun. With Methodologee repeat tasks become easier, training and knowledge transfer is simple, and switching hats is suddenly a breeze.  Sign up for your free account today!