Ever feel like you have a hard time staying productive?

You set some goals and deadlines but feel like you’re battling with distractions? We’ve all been there… But how is it that some Entrepreneurs stay Productive? What tools are they using? What steps are they taking? What type of habits have they developed that we can all adopt?

I watch videos like Jessica Mah’s Inc.com interview on “How to turn hard deadlines into your biggest productivity booster” and think ‘wow! She not only blocked her calendar for six months from 9am – 9pm daily to spend her time on selling, marketing and raising funds for her business but she also began studying from 9pm – midnight for her IRS exam.’ These efforts and hard work not only brought her company new customers but also allowed her to raise $1million in angel investments.  Now that’s impressive!

But what tools do Entrepreneurs like her use to avoid those daily distractions that allowed her and other Entrepreneurs to stay productive? There are some tips, tricks and hacks on how Jonathon Mead from Paid to Exist stays productive to share with you. My top fav’s are:

  • Just start
  • Use systems
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Clearly define tasks
  • Give a damn

What I’ve learned is to make the time to think and plan so that you can implement those tips into your daily task.

Do you have any tips, tricks or hacks on how you stay productive?