New Web App Helps Busy Entrepreneurs Get the Help They Need to Manage Business Procedures

SAN DIEGO, CA—Nov 5, 2012 – Methodologee, a new web application for managing business processes and procedures, provides busy business owners with a way to automate their business. Since its recent launch, has become the first web application of its kind geared specifically to entrepreneurs and is now being used by startups and small business owners nationwide.

“The economy has motivated small business owners to be more resourceful and effective in their daily operations,” said Nazy Pineda co-founder and chief operating officer, Methodologee. “For an increasing number of small businesses, documenting and sharing essential operating procedures is an essential, but tedious part of the solution. Our goal is to make that an easier process for the busy entrepreneur.”

The Methodologee platform uses cloud technology to provide its users the ability to create and organize step-by-step procedures that can be securely shared and referenced from any computing device. Methodologee offers the following features.


  • Create easy-to-follow procedures with formatted text and visuals (screenshots, videos, flowcharts)
  • Easily attach and manage related files (templates, documentation)


  • Organize and find procedures with customizable categories and keyword search
  • Securely share a procedure or file with any team member for easy training and reference


  • Invite team members to create or edit their own procedures for secure knowledge transfer
  • Use comments for productive team collaboration and feedback

“With virtual business models on the rise and rapid startup growth, policies and procedures aren’t just for big businesses anymore.” adds Pineda, “We’re finding that having a simple system for managing internal processes is becoming a necessity for successful entrepreneurs today.”

Methodologee currently gives users the option to create their own free account. To learn more, visit

About Methodologee
Methodologee ( is pioneering a new way for entrepreneurs to organize and streamline their business. Methodologee leverages web-based technology to help startups and small business create, manage, and share business processes and procedures. Created by Method Marketing LLC, Methodologee is based in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit