As a small business owner, it is very important to create policies for your staff to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.

One important policy to create for your business is who and when your staff can manage your Social Media networks.

Social Media is all about real-time communications and if your messages aren’t managed (and monitored), it can create a poor online reputation for your business as well as legal issues.  If you have been looking for resources on how you can create a social media policy for your company, you’re in luck! Here are 5 steps to consider:

1. Define what social media means for your business.
2. Document your goals, strategy and tactics as part of the policy.
3. Describe what is and what is not allowed in your social media efforts.
4. Share your social media policy with your legal counsel before sharing it with staff.
5. Assign social media roles among your staff.

Once you have created these policies, it is important to set up a time to go over these with your staff within 2 weeks to get their feedback on how things are going.  This way you are able to address any issues or concerns and make any changes necessary to keep a positive working environment.

Do you have any social media policies you would like to share with us?  Please share them here!