About Us

Meet the Founders

Our team will always be there to help you and your business.

Co-founder / COO
Customer Happiness
Co-founder / CEO
Product Design

Our Values


We’re friendly and spirited. We get that happiness + laughter + fun = great work, and vice versa. We’re passionate about building products that are easy to use. We enjoy the work and teammates we’re fortunate enough to have.


We’re resourceful in learning and making our products, people, systems better (progression, not perfection). We get that innovation + improvement are shared responsibilities and action is an independent one. Be the change you seek.


Whether creating helpful software or educating with useful content, we work hard to deliver great value to our customers. We’re a for-purpose company, committed to leveraging our success to make a difference + lift others up.


We love productivity and focus on things that have the bigger impact. Experiment then scale what works. We seek to eliminate and automate in our daily work. We believe in lean methodologies + avoid any form of waste (time, $$).


We dream big and love to KIS,S! In an overcomplicated world, we like to keep things beautifully simple for small business teams. Our aim is to help our customers find the freedom to focus on the things they love.