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Why You Need Video Training Manuals for Your Franchise

In the last post we expressed the importance of operations/training manuals and how they make the life of an entrepreneur so much simpler. The idea is to build a ‘smart’ scalable business, one that doesn’t crumble under its own weight as it grows. A well thought-out training manual is all the more crucial when you’re […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder Productivity Quiz

When things get busy, many business owners simply work longer hours, push deadlines, and multi-task. Although these techniques might help you get by, they aren’t effective in the long run. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a reactive mode, dealing with frustrating situations and poor productivity. Productivity is about how much you accomplish—not how busy […]

Struggling to Manage all your Business Procedures?

If you answered “Yes” than you’re at the right place! As small business owners, my business partner and I have personally experienced the “struggle” of spending exhausting hours creating documents and worksheets and refining our internal processes and procedures, then, going back and trying to find the most updated information to share with our staff […]

Methodologee is here!

The madness. Entrepreneurs wear many hats. Startups are ever-changing and evolving…new staff, new products, new systems, and new procedures. Most entrepreneurs create procedures as they go with bits and pieces here and there, different formats, and no easy way to use and share them. Well, its time to kiss those days good-bye. Technology to the rescue. Wouldn’t managing […]